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Review the Book Website for Programs and Techniques that Teach Cognitive Strategies

What percentage of students would be able to complete an assignment that required them to use the key cognitive strategies? Which key cognitive strategy would cause students the most difficulty? See the website for this book for programs and techniques to teach cognitive strategies to more students.

Review the Sample ThinkReady Task

View the sample ThinkReady task in the appendix. Which elements would be challenging for students? What kind of support or scaffolding could be provided to help them complete it successfully?

Require Students to Expand Their Research Skills Using Research Methods Knowledge Base

Require students to expand their research skills using Research Methods Knowledge Base, a free web-based textbook that familiarizes students with the diverse aspects of social research: formulating questions, choosing a sample, data analysis, ethics, and so on (

Download Sample ThinkReady Tasks

Download sample ThinkReady tasks ( and have teachers do their own task development using these as a template. Set the goal of having all classrooms do at least one activity that requires deeper learning skills identified in chapter 5.

Determine How Familiar Teachers in the School are with Performance Tasks

Determine how familiar teachers in the school are with performance tasks. Many examples of performance tasks can be found online. Appendix B of the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards contains examples at all grade levels, including college and career ready. To foster familiarity, have all teachers in a subject area score a common performance task, and then compare their results.

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