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TAG: Student Ownership of Learning

Use Pinterest to Collect Research, Concepts, and to Catalogue Colleges or Careers

Have students use the online site Pinterest to collect sources for research, visualize a new concept, or catalogue colleges or careers they are interested in.

Develop Student Assignments around Their Interests and Postsecondary Programs

Develop assignments that require students to do research on their interests and on postsecondary programs. For example, students could be required to do a research paper each year on college options and the cost of pursuing an option of interest to them. Online sites such as Naviance ( and Big Future ( provide many free resources to help students complete such assignments.

Gather Educators to Discuss Student Ownership of Learning

Gather a small group of educators and guidance counselors to discuss the following question: What does it looks like, in concrete, observable ways, when students take ownership of their learning? What are three steps the school can take to increase student ownership of learning?

Think of Interventions to Improve Student Ownership of Learning

Which students are most successful and least successful in taking ownership of their learning? Are the expectations that students do so different for some groups of students? Think of three simple interventions that would improve ownership of learning without requiring major program redesign or staff training.

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