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TAG: Persistence

Look for Evidence of How Persistent Students are When Faced with a Challenging Task

Look for evidence of how persistent students are when faced with a challenging task. Read How Children Succeed by Paul Tough.

Access and Share the Resiliency Quiz

Access and share the resiliency quiz to help students reflect on how they learn and cope with stressful situations. As an assignment, ask students to describe how they will build off the ways they have handled unexpected difficulties in the past to persist in the future. Have students present and share these strategies with the class (

Have Students Complete the 12-Item Grit Scale

Have students complete the 12-Item Grit Scale by Angela Duckworth and colleagues (

Develop a Systematic Program to Encourage Students’ Persistence

Develop a systematic program to encourage students’ persistence. Assign projects that cannot be completed in one class period and require students to persist to solve multifaceted problems. In assigning projects, take care to provide appropriate scaffolding so that by the time students are seniors, they are capable of completing complex tasks independently.

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