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TAG: Financial Aid

Encourage Students to Download Financial Aid Videos

Encourage students to download financial aid videos to their playlists. Featured playlists include preparing for college, types of aid, who gets aid, and repaying loans (

Let Students and Parents Know Where To Get Help Filling Out the FAFSA

Let students and parents know where they can get free help filling out the FAFSA (

Support Students and Parents with Federal Financial Aid Checklists

Support students and parents with federal financial aid checklists. Different road maps, resources, and steps are displayed for each grade level, starting in elementary school (

Have Students Create a Free Account at

Have students create a free account at, a free scholarship engine that has customizable filters, including ethnicity, academic standing, and institute type, to help students target scholarships specifically for them.

Have Students Register on to Build their Financial Literacy

Have students register on to build their financial literacy. It ’s an interactive site with a self-paced curriculum partnered with presentations and a printable guide. Students can even be rewarded with scholarships and free books just by participating.

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