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TAG: Chapter 8

Professional Development Workshops

EPIC staff can lead workshops for your organization on the topics identified in the book chapters. Please visit the EPIC Workshop and Professional Development Page) to learn more about the services offered and to contact an EPIC representative for further information or scheduling.

Review the Results of the Reaching the Goal Study

Review the results of the Reaching the Goal study ( What do the results suggest about the importance of skills that cut across multiple subject areas? Identify three to five such skills and determine how to focus on developing them across classes.

Examine the Verbs in Figure 8.3 (Verbs from the Common Core ELA Standards Mapped to the Key Cognitive Strategies)

Examine the verbs in figure 8.3 (Verbs from the Common Core ELA Standards Mapped to the Key Cognitive Strategies), and determine the degree to which those concepts are taught and developed currently in all classes. Have each teacher pick three verbs on which to focus by first explaining why the verb is important to the subject area in question.

Consult Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards for Guidance on Developing Student Vocabulary

Consult appendix A of the Common Core State Standards for guidance on developing student vocabulary. For additional suggestions, see Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isabel Beck, Margaret McKeown, and Linda Kucan.

Provide Common Core Skills Training to Teachers in Subject Areas outside ELA and Mathematics

Provide training on teaching the Common Core skills that are foundational to their subject area to teachers in subject areas outside English language arts and mathematics.

Develop a Plan for Integrating Key Reading and Writing Skills into Science and Social Studies Classes

Develop a plan for integrating key reading and writing skills into science and social studies classes in particular. Agree on a series of research papers at each grade level that develop and apply the literacy skills of the Common Core outside of English language arts courses.

Expose All Students to the Principles and Techniques of Speech and Debate

Reinstitute speech and debate if the program has been eliminated. If this is not feasible, build opportunities for speech and debate into English language arts courses, and expose all students to the principles and techniques of speech and debate.

Build in Time for Teachers to Grade Student Writing

Build in time for teachers to grade student writing. Periodic late starts or early releases give teachers time for a range of activities to support students, such as individual consultations and study sessions. Teachers assigning writing should be able to use this time to grade papers, using effective techniques of the type described in the chapter.

Consult Appendix B in the ELA Common Core State Standards

Consult appendix B in the ELA Common Core State Standards for examples of fiction and nonfiction texts appropriate at each grade level.

Determine Where and How the Common Core State Standards are Currently Being Addressed in the Curriculum

Determine where and how the Common Core State Standards are currently being addressed in the curriculum. Conduct a course-level review using the CoursePathway system explained in the appendix.

Have Students Create Videos as a Means to Demonstrate Speaking Skills

Have students create videos as a means to demonstrate speaking skills. Have students in the class listen to the videos as a way to improve their listening skills.

Build Greater Emphasis on Research Projects into the School

Build greater emphasis on research projects into the school through annual events such as science fairs, heritage research displays culminating projects, and public exhibitions of student work throughout the year.

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