Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core


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CATEGORY: Action and Awareness Steps

Professional Development Workshops

EPIC staff can lead workshops for your organization on the topics identified in the book chapters. Please visit the EPIC Workshop and Professional Development Page) to learn more about the services offered and to contact an EPIC representative for further information or scheduling.

Explore Further the Idea that Readiness has a Component that Relates to Student Aspirations and Interests

Explore further the idea that readiness has a component that relates to student aspirations and interests. What types of program models might allow students to explore interests without having to make an irrevocable choice about career?

Visit the Website of Western Governors University for a Competency-Based Degree Program

For an example of an entirely competency-based college degree program, visit the website of Western Governors University (

Review the Center for American Progress’s Policy Brief on the Disruptive Effect of Competency-Based Learning

For a look at the potentially disruptive effect of competency-based learning on postsecondary education, see the Center for American Progress’s policy brief on this topic: “A ‘Disruptive’ Look at Competency-Based Education: How the Innovative Use of Technology Will Transform the College Experience” (

Review Oregon’s Proficiency-based Admissions Standards System (PASS)

For an example of a fully developed and field-tested proficiency-based college admissions program, see Oregon’s Proficiency-based Admissions Standards System (PASS) (

Review Jobs for the Future’s White Paper on Badges

For more on the notion of badges, see Jobs for the Future ’s white paper, Portable, Stackable Credentials: A New Education Model for Industry-Specific Career Pathways (

Explore How to Award College Credit to High School Students

For more ideas on how to award college credit to high school students by offering quality college courses in high school, see the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships. (

Review the Senior Seminar Handbook Description and Materials

For an overview on the notion of a senior seminar to get students more college ready, see the Senior Seminar Handbook description and materials at

Review the McKinsey Report “Education to Employment”

Review “Education to Employment,” the McKinsey report that provides case studies and examples of how to prepare students for this critical transition (

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